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204buildingsmDr. Nicholas Sieveking is a Stanford-trained, board certified plastic surgeon who also holds a board certification with advanced fellowship training in Anti-Aging and Functional medicine. Dr. Sieveking is a published author, has operated and lectured around the world. His comprehensive practice is focused on anti-aging and wellness corrective strategies- surgical and non-surgical. His interest in the benefits of functional medicine arose from his own chronic issues that traditional medicine regarded as only treatable with medications and surgery. Through passionate research and dedication, Dr. Sieveking founded the Clinic of Ageless Solutions where he was the very first patient. He is now passing these state of the art, life-changing therapies on to his patients. The clinic provides a comprehensive array of aesthetic surgeries, advanced cosmetic laser and skincare services, Bio-identical hormone replacement therapies, medically-supervised weight loss programs, and cutting-edge laboratory testing for hormone, amino acid, vitamin, and nutrient deficiencies as well as toxin analysis and food and chemical sensitivities testing.

The Clinic of Ageless Solutions is the most comprehensive anti-aging clinic available to treat almost every aspect of the aging process and health from the inside out. This is Dr. Sieveking’s mission.

Dr. Sieveking’s anti-aging skills go even deeper as a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon who completed his training in general surgery and plastic and reconstructive surgery at Stanford University. After Stanford, he received additional training in Aesthetic Surgery in Rio De Janeiro and Sao Paolo, Brazil. Originally trained in surgical anti-aging strategies, Dr. Sieveking is truly an expert in all treatments and solutions of age related issues. The credibility of a renowned plastic surgeon recommending functional strategies before or in partnership with surgical options has catapulted the Clinic’s reputation and set a standard of culture and leadership across the business. This double Board certification allows Dr. Sieveking to be the most complete anti-aging physician available to treat his patients’ health and age-related needs from the inside to the outside.

Dr. Sieveking’s accolades don’t stop there. He is also proven to be an amazing leader and patient advocate. As acknowledged in 2012, 2013, and 2014 he was voted as the Top Physician in his category in two Readers Polls by the citizens of Nashville, TN.

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Our Mission

To teach and equip people with health information and tools so they can make lifestyle choices which lead to ultimate health and healing.

Our Practice Philosophy

It is our goal to provide unsurpassed, cutting-edge medical treatment, professionalism and service to our clientele. The success of this practice is highly dependent on referrals from other clients. Patient care is our main priority; our actions and decisions are always made with everyone’s best interest in mind. It is our goal to provide unsurpassed professionalism and service to our clientele. We also strive to foster a working environment in which individuals take pride in a job well done. In order to accomplish this objective we must treat our co-workers with patience, understanding, and respect. Finally, we continue to strive for improvement in all areas of our practice. Your comments and suggestions to this end are always welcome.