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Toxins are unavoidable and we are all exposed to environmental poisons, harmful heavy metals and chemicals every day. The EPA estimates that over 70,000 chemicals are used commercially in agriculture, building materials and consumer goods. There are approximately 3,000 chemicals that are approved for use in our foods with over 10,000 chemicals that are used in the processing, preserving and storage of foods. The accumulation of these toxins in the body is known as the body’s Toxic Burden. The higher the level of accumulated toxins, the higher the burden is for the body to naturally eliminate or detoxify itself.  Without the ability to detoxify, the body will store these toxins in the adipose tissue (fat) and major organs resulting in sub-optimum organ function and symptoms of “dis-ease”. Some of the symptoms of Toxic Burden can be:

Chronic Fatigue              Fibromyalgia              Rheumatoid Arthritis         Headaches         Depression
Anxiety          Insomnia        Joint and Muscle Pain           Hormone and Thyroid Imbalance       Obesity
Digestive Problems          Cancer         Autoimmune Disorders       Brain Fog          Memory Loss      Acne
Insomnia     Neurological Symptoms     Skin Conditions       Dark Circles under the Eyes         Mood Swings

Here at The Clinic of Ageless Solutions we determine if any of your symptoms could be caused by the Toxic Burden by blood testing for certain chemicals, metals, molds, parasites, fungus, and heavy metals in the body. Once we identify what your body is holding on to in access, we help design a Detoxification Program to safely eliminate those toxins contributing to the symptoms. We will also educate you on how to avoid future exposure and what you can do to help your body naturally detoxify itself on a regular basis.