Far Infrared Sauna

Infrared sauna cabin

Far Infrared is a band of light that is felt as warmth on the body. It is what the sun feels like on your skin when you go outside on a cold day. In fact, most of the energy from the sun is not visible, but is infrared. The body absorbs infrared energy where the rays penetrate deep to gently elevate the body’s core temperature to assist in generating a series of health benefits. As Far Infrared is absorbed by the body’s tissues, the cells react in a process called resonant absorption. This process causes toxins to be moved from fat cells into the blood stream, and then excreted via perspiration, urine, and stool. Being able to get toxins out of fat cells is very important. Far Infrared Sauna therapy has the ability to remove chemicals, metals, toxins, and mycotoxins from the body and excrete them.
Far Infrared does more than detox, it:

Relieves Stress                      Enhances Immune System                      Improves Cardiovascular Conditioning
Facilitates Weight Loss        Helps with Absorption of Nutrition       Reduces Pain & Inflammation

Our Infrared Sauna is made from pure poplar wood which does not contain hydrocarbons typically found in other types of wood and has State of the art Bio Resonance FIR Emitters which have the lowest EMF rating possible (less than 1.5mG). Together, these make detoxing here at The Clinic of Ageless Solutions the most effective and safest way to rid harmful toxins from the body.