Anti-Aging 3 Month Program


  • The most up-to-date and innovative information on anti-aging strategies addressing key criteria: detoxification, gut microbiome, sleep, brain health, stress reduction, and exercise.
  • An anti-aging informational packet filled with individualized protocols to help you achieve your “Ageless” health goals.
  • Comprehensive Blood Work including: CBC, CMP, Vitamin B12 and D3, Lipid panel, Inflammatory markers, Full thyroid panel, Growth hormone levels, A1C, insulin and Hormone panel.
  • A choice of Food Sensitivity Testing, which evaluates four immune system pathways, or the Advanced Oxidative Stress test, which shows how much oxidative stress there is in the body and how effectively your body removes it. Too much oxidative stress damages your tissues, DNA, and cell membranes.
  • Five individualized counseling sessions with Jan Stanley, RN, MS, our Wellness Practitioner, who is well versed in all areas of total health and well-being.
  • Pharmaceutical grade Fabulous Four supplements needed to optimize your health. These include:
  1.   Multi-Vitamin
  2.   Probiotic
  3.   Vitamin D
  4.   Omega 3 Fatty Acids (fish oil)
  • Visia Skin Health Assessment


Total Program Price:  $999
Total Program Value of  $1,599 with a Savings of $600