Migraine Therapy

Approximately 11 million Americans suffer from moderate to severe migraine headaches. Women are affected more often than men with reports that 18% of all women experience migraines. One third of migraine suffers report severe disability or inability to carry out daily activities because of severe pain.

Here at the Clinic of Ageless Solutions we evaluate headaches by a complete history and examination including lab testing to determine the cause and source of the headaches. Sometimes simple lifestyle adjustments along with nutrient supplementation are all that is needed to end the vicious cycle of pain and disability associated with migraine headaches.

Cafaly is a FDA-approved, drug-free, TENS technology method for treating and preventing migraine headaches. TENS technology has been used for over 40 years and is known for its safety and dramatic absence of side effects, making Cafaly unique to all other headache and migraine treatments. Cefaly is harmless and very safe to use.