More so than any time in history, income is tied to intellect and focus.  The former is pre-destined, but the latter can be controlled.  This reality has given rise to a pandemic of prescription drug abuse (primarily of ADHD medications), but also to the emergence of several effective and all-natural alternatives.  The most powerful among these is plant-derived Vinpocetine, also known as “Viagra for the brain.”[1]

As stated in the International Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Research, Vinpocetine “turns up our mind and keeps our lights bright at the same time that it helps our cardiovascular and GI systems, along with muscles, joints and sensory organs to function better.” [2] Vinpocetine’s brain-boosting benefits stem from its increase in cerebral oxygen delivery, scavenging of hydroxyl radicals and neuroprotective effects. [3] A more exhaustive list of Vinpocetine’s proven benefits<[4] includes:

  1. Improved memory
  2. Increased alertness
  3. Enhanced focus
  4. Diminished artherosclerotic plaque
  5. Reduced toxic metal concentrations
  6. Increased cardiac output
  7. Sharpened eye function
  8. Stregthened joint function
  9. Elevated mood

In sum, if Vinpocetine is not part of your brain-boosting nootropic supplement stack, then you are doing it wrong.

By: Alex LaCroix, Lawyer and Published Author on Cognitive Enhancement | Source: Vinpocetine: The MVP of Brain-Boosters

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